Florida Pokers Upperclass Carolina - Summer 2016 Schedule
May 1 Sun                  
May 2 Mon                  
May 3 Tue                  
May 4 Wed                  
May 5 Thu                  
May 6 Fri                  
May 7 Sat                  
May 9 Mon                  
May 10 Tue                  
May 11 Wed                  
May 12 Thu                  
May 13 Fri                  
May 14 Sat Practice    Boca Raton, FL Miller Park 1:00-3:00pm        
May 15 Sun Meet The Pokers Scrimmage  Broward Baseball Academy  Boca Raton, FL Miller Park 1:00PM        
May 16 Mon                  
May 17 Tue                  
May 18 Wed                  
May 19 Thu                  
May 20 Fri                  
May 21 Sat                  
May 22 Sun                  
May 23 Mon                  
May 24 Tue                  
May 25 Wed Practice   Coral Springs, FL Cypress Park 5pm-8pm        
May 26 Thu                  
May 27 Fri Perfect Game Memorial Day Classic    FTB Tampa  Fort Myers, FL    Twins Complex 3:30pm        
May 28 Sat

Florida Burn 2017/

Florida Legends 2017

North Fort Myers HS/

Terry Park-Mack



May 29 Sun TBD  TBD  TBD        
May 30 Mon  TBD  TBD  TBD        
May 31 Tue                  
June 1 Wed                  
June 2 Thu                  
June 3 Fri Practice   Coral Springs, FL Cypress Park 5-8pm        
June 4 Sat                  
June 5 Sun                  
June 6 Mon                  
June 7 Tue                  
June 8 Wed Practice   Coral Springs, FL Cypress Park  5-8pm        
June 9 Thu                  
June 10 Fri Prospect Select Vero Beach Classic     

Miami Jays Prospects/

SF Breakers 18u

 Vero Beach, FL     

Lawnwood Park Field 2/

Lawnwood Park Field 2

June 11 Sat Marucci Capital PR 2017 Lawnwood Park Field 5 8am        
June 12 Sun Vipers Baseball Club Dodgertown Field 6 1pm        
June 13 Mon Scorpions 2017 Black Lawnwood Park Field 6 10:30am        
June 14 Tue TBD TBD TBD        
June 15 Wed TBD  TBD  TBD         
June 16 Thu USA Baseball Championships        Team Workout  West Palm Beach and Jupiter, FL        Roger Dean-Blue Quad 4:15pm        
June 17 Fri NTX Banditos-Turner

Santaluces Complex Field 1

June 18 Sat

Team Freedom/

Elite Squad 16u

Roger Dean Blue 6/

Santaluces Field 3



June 19 Sun Re-Seed TBD TBD        
June 20 Mon Rain Day TBD  TBD         
June 21 Tue Playoffs/Consolation TBD  TBD         
June 22 Wed Playoffs/Consolation TBD  TBD         
June 23 Thu Semi-Finals/Championship TBD  TBD         
June 24 Fri                  
June 25 Sat                  
June 26 Sun                  
June 27 Mon                  
June 28 Tue                  
June 29 Wed Practice   Coral Springs, FL Cypress Park 5-8pm        
June 30 Thu                  
July 1 Fri Perfect Game WWBA       

HBF Maroons/

East Cobb Pride

Marietta, GA       

Banneker HS/

Perfect Game Lakepoint Field 16

(No Spikes)



July 2 Sat JB Baseball Development Banneker HS  2:00pm        
July 3 Sun Academy Select Sun Devils Ingram Cherokee HS @Boiling Park  9:00am        
July 4 Mon Exposure Baseball North Cobb Christian School  11:30am        
July 5 Tue GBG Northeast Hawks Northgate HS  4:30pm        
July 6 Wed Nelson Baseball School Kennesaw Mountain HS 9:00am        
July 7 Thu Playoffs TBD TBD        
July 8 Fri



TBD  TBD        
July 9 Sat                  
July 10 Sun                  
July 11 Mon Perfect Game BCS       Texas Fire  Fort Myers, FL       5-Plex Field 1 10:15am        
July 12 Tue IBAHS Knights-Black 5-Plex Field 1 8:00am        
July 13 Wed Dig In Baseball Twins Complex-Field 3  11:00am        
July 14 Thu East Cobb Pride 5-plex Field 1  10:15am        
July 15 Fri Elite Baseball Training 5-Plex Field 2  10:15am        
July 16 Sat TBD TBD  TBD        
July 17 Sun TBD TBD  TBD        
July 18 Mon                  
July 19 Tue                  
July 20 Wed                  
July 21 Thu                  
July 22 Fri                  
July 23 Sat                  
July 24 Sun                  
July 25 Mon                  
July 26 Tue                  
July 27 Wed                  
July 28 Thu                  
July 29 Fri                  
July 30 Sat                  
July 31 Sun                  
Florida Pokers Upperclass Carolina - Summer 2016 Schedule


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